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A web-based, multi-source survey and assessment system



360 degree feedback survey is a process by which an organization gathers feedback on employee performance by having their peers, supervisors and subordinates complete a survey on one another.



Such comprehensive analysis enables management to detect gaps in attitude and aptitude, so it can take measures to fill in the gaps by providing the right training programmes, reshuffling team members, perhaps even rethinking certain HR policies.  It also provides sound criteria for talent spotting, staff promotions, lateral transfers and so on.



For the staff, how he perceives himself and his performance, and recognizing how others perceive him heightens his self awareness and (hopefully) provides him with the impetus for to enjoy the benefits.


Nothing is as convincing as viewing a demo of our 360 degree feedback and survey solution.


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eSurvey Preview Survey


  • Flexible questionnaire design: supports many question types
  • Used questionnaires may be modified for re-use
  • Masthead is customizable. This includes invitation message, corporate logo, fonts, colours, etc.
  • Rater selection:  Person being evaluated is able to select his own raters
  • Import capability: Admin is able to import from an Excel file all the ratees, raters and their relationships
  • Launch of survey: eMails will be sent to all raters
  • Consolidated eMail: A rater receives only one single email with multiple survey links if he is evaluatingImport capability: Admin is able to import from an Excel file all the rates, raters and their relationships
  • eMail reminder: Admin is able to send out reminders to all, or individual raters who have not sent in their completed evaluation
  • It operates on Software-as-a-Service model (i.e. subscription model)