Employee appraisal system (e360)

e360 Employee appraisal system

e360 | Powerful appraisal tool

Powerful appraisal tool

e360 is a 360 degree feedback system for your organization to conduct employee appraisals and reviews. You can engage your workforce, rate employee performance in a simple and easy way.

This comprehensive appraisal tool allows you to detect areas of excellence and weaknesses in employees to groom them more effectively.

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Appraisal tool to suit your business

e360  feature | Flexible questionnaires Flexible questionnaires

e360 allows you to create in depth appraisal questionnaires, with support for multiple question types to meet all your needs.

e360  feature | Customized to suit you Customized to suit you

You can customize the look and feel of the reviews to suit your corporate identity. You can customize the invitation, logo, fonts, colours, etc.

e360  feature | Multiple relationships Multiple relationships

e360 supports all relationship types within your organization, including, peers, subordinates, managers, HOD etc.

e360  feature | Role-based questions Role-based questions

Control who asnwers which questions, so managers, employees and their peers only answer the questions that are relevant to them.

e360  feature | eMail reminders eMail reminders

You can send out email reminders to all staff, or only to those who have not completed their appraisals, allowing you to complete the exercise within your timeframe.

e360  feature | Launch emails will be sent to all raters Launch emails will be sent to all raters

Once you launch the appraisals, all staff will get an email with direct links to all other employees they are rating.

You can claim PIC grants (68%) and iCV grants (cap at $5000) for e360.

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