Claims Management (eForm)

eForm Electronic Claims Management

eForm | Easy access to any office forms

Easy access to any office forms

eForm allows you to keep all your office forms online, rather than using paper. Your employees can access these forms from anywhere, from any device.

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Intelligent workflow engine

eForm will automatically route each claim and form submitted to the appropriate managers via email. eForm allows for up to 10 tiers of approvals, routing seamless from one manger to the next.

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eForm | Intelligent workflow engine

Simple claims management

eForm feature | Simple approval processSimple approval process

All claims and forms submitted automatically get emailed to the manager for approval. They can approve/reject in one simple click from their email.

eForm feature | Audit HistoryAudit History

You and your employees get a detailed audit history for each form, so you can track the current status and any bottlenecks.

eForm feature | Attach receiptsAttach receipts

Attach receipts and invoices for each claim you submit, which is routed to your manager and finance departnment for instant approval.

eForm feature | One stop history One stop history of all forms submitted

All claims and forms submitted are kept track of within the system, with copies of attachments as well.

eForm feature | Auto calculationsAuto calculations of Exchange Rate, GST/VAT

eForm autocalculates any exchange rates, net amount, GST, VAT, and other forumlas that you would like to use.

eForm feature | Seamless integrationSeamless integration

eForm syncs with ePayroll, so you can pay your employees back in one click. eForm also integrates with Quickbooks Online, and data can be downloaded to any backend system.

You can claim PIC grants (68%) and iCV grants (cap at $5000) for eForm.

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