Online leave management (eLeave)

eLeave Online leave management

Apply for leave directly from your phone

With the Justlogin app, check your available leave balance on phone, and apply for leave on the spot. You can even take pictures of your Medical Certificate, which will be sent directly to your manager.

As a manager, you get a push notification each time your staff applies for leave, and you can approve/reject it on the spot as well!

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One click approval process

When your staff applies for leave, their manager immediately gets an email notification with the details of the leave, as well as information on other team members on leave during that period, letting him approve/reject the leave on the spot.

eLeave also allows for up to 2 levels of approval.

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eLeave | Apply for leave directly from your phone

Leave management made effortless

eLeave feature | Detailed leave history Detailed leave history

With online leave management, your employees can view a detailed history of all leave they have taken in the past. They can also view how much leave balance they have left.

eLeave feature | All leave records up to date All leave records up to date in real time

With all leave applications (past and future) up to date in real-time, you can have a good bird's eye view of your organization at any moment. Leave management just became easier.

eLeave feature | Track leave proof documents Track leave proof documents

Your employees can attach Medical Certificates and other documents to each leave application. This allows you to keep track of all documents online, eliminating the need for any hard copy submissions.

eLeave feature | Leave Calender Leave Calender

Department wide / Company wide calendar sharing allows you and your employees to easily know who is on leave in a quick and easy manner.

Intelligent leave management

eLeave feature | Customizable to any leave policy Customizable to any leave policy

eLeave is flexible to cater any leave policy, be it entitlement or accrual policies. eLeave automatically calculates the leave entitlement for each staff based on seniority, years of work, joined date and probation period.

eLeave feature | Statutory leaves Statutory leaves

eLeave is also compliant with MOM regulation on Childcare Leave. Once you key in the child's birthdate, eLeave takes care of the necessary calculations and allocates the entitlement automatically.

eLeave feature | Detailed reports Detailed reports

eLeave also provides customizable detailed and summary reports on employee leave, giving you a good overview of your company. Online leave management also means that all your reports are up to date, and generated in seconds.

eLeave feature | No Pay LeaveNo Pay Leave

eLeave automatically calculates and syncs with ePayroll whenever your staff applies for No Pay Leave. eLeave also handles when staff have leave encashment. With online leave management and payroll, you don’t have to bother with manual calculations again.

Powerful leave management

eLeave feature | Saving you trouble Saving you trouble

If you have employees who have yet to submit their Medical Certificates, eLeave will automatically remind them to submit these documents to you. If there are any pending approvals, eLeave will also remind managers to approve the leaves.

eLeave feature | Powerful calculation engine Powerful calculation engine

At the end of the year, if you want to allow employees to carry forward leave, eLeave provides you multiple calculations options, and does the transferring for you.

eLeave feature | Pro-ration for resignees or new staff Pro-ration for resignees or new staff

When a staff joins or resigns from the company, eLeave automatically prorates their leave for them based on the rules you have setup. With a powerful leave management software, you can avoid doing manual calculations all together!

You can claim PIC grants (68%) and iCV grants (cap at $5000) for eLeave.

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