Office resource booking (eResource)

eResource Office resource booking

eResource | One-stop booking for all office resources

One-stop booking for all office resources

eResource allows your employees to view the availabilities of company resources such as conference rooms, vehicles, and special equipment, as well as the personal calenders of colleagues.

They can then book these resources using the online booking system

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Resource booking made easy

eResource feature | Flexible settings Flexible settings

You can set up "availability times" and even advanced booking periods for popular resources.

eResource feature | Calender reminders Calender reminders

eResource also sends you invites for the resources you have booked, to easily add to your calenders.

eResource feature | Unlimited resourcesUnlimited resources

You can list as many rooms and equipments as needed, no limits.

eResource feature | RSVP RSVP

You can also RSVP other attendees directly from eResource. You will be notified of who has accepted/declined your invites.

You can claim PIC grants (68%) and iCV grants (cap at $5000) for eResource.

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