Payroll processing (ePayroll)

Payroll Payroll processing

ePayroll | View your payslips on the go

View your payslips on the go

With the Justlogin App, your staff will automatically get a notification when their payslips for the month are ready. And they are able to view their payslips, even when on the go, from any mobile device.

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Run your payroll anywhere, from any device

As ePayroll is hosted on the cloud, you can pay your employees each month easily, no matter where you are situated.

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ePayroll | Run your payroll anywhere, from any device

ePayroll | Synced seamlessly to your accounting software

Synced seamlessly to your accounting software

Transferring claims and payroll data manually into your accounting software every month can be painful and time-consuming.

With the integration between Justlogin and Quickbooks Online, you

  • never have to waste time on menial data entry
  • can be confident of 100% error free books
  • can enjoy hassle free tracking of payroll expenses

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Government Regulations - All taken care of

ePayroll feature|All IRAS forms one click awayAll IRAS forms one click away

ePayroll automatically generates IR8A, IR21, Appendix 8A & 8B documents pre-populated with your employee payroll information. As an online payroll software, all IRAS documents in ePayroll are updated based on latest regulations.

IRAS Submissions made easier

If you are part of the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS), ePayroll will generate the export files necessary for you file for taxes within seconds.

ePayroll feature| Auto calculation of CPFAuto calculation of CPF

ePayroll automatically calculates CPF, SDL, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA contributions for each employee. ePayroll also helps you to submit all of this to CPF board within seconds.

ePayroll feature|Cloud based updatesCloud based updates of Statutory changes

With cloud based payroll software, you will never have to keep up with changing statutory regulations. We update all contribution rate changes automatically, so you don’t have to deal with updates and patches.

Flexibility - For your growing business

ePayroll feature|Different access rights Different access rights for different staffs

Control who in your organization sees what. Give key staff access to sensitive pay information, while other staff could help with non-pay related details.

ePayroll feature| Detailed reports Robust reports

With over 20 reports, always be on top of how much you are spending on your payroll. You can review anything from detailed reports for each employee for each month up to a yearly company wide payroll comparison.

ePayroll feature|Flexible payment schedules Flexible payment schedules

With both monthly and fortnightly payruns, you can pay different employees in different schedules. ePayroll also has ad-hoc payruns, which can help you pay bonuses, back pay or any other one off payments.

ePayroll feature| Flexible pay itemsFlexible payroll items

You can create as many payroll items as you would like. Just choose if it's an allowance, deduction, or reimbursement, and you're good to go.

Seamlessly integrated payroll software

ePayroll feature|  Integrated with eLeave, eTimeclock, eForm Integrated with eLeave

With your payroll software synced with your leave management software, No Pay Leave, NS Leave Pay and Leave Encashment are auto calculated and paid accordingly.

ePayroll feature|  Integrated with eLeave, eTimeclock, eFormIntegrated with eTimeclock

With an integrated time attendance and payroll software, all overtime hours worked flow into payroll seamlessly, saving you time and trouble on manual calculations.

ePayroll feature|  Integrated with eLeave, eTimeclock, eForm Integrated with eForm

Claims management from eForm allows reimbursements to flow effortlessly into payroll. Your employees get paid back with no need for any manual calculations or data entry.

You can claim PIC grants (68%) and iCV grants (cap at $5000) for ePayroll.

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