Time attendance (eTimeclock)

eTimeclock Time Attendance

eTimeclock | Clock into work in one simple click

Clock into work in one simple click.

With an iPad mounted at the entrance of the workplace, all your staff need to do to clock in and out of work is to login with their pin, and press in or out.

Staff working from remote locations can clock in directly from their iPhones or Android phones.

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No more worrying about buddy punching.

During clock in or out, the time, the location and the photo of staff member will be captured using the iPad or phone camera.

With eTimeclock, there is also no need for manual data extraction, as all of the data is stored in the cloud, and can be captured in real time.

eTimeclock | No more worrying about buddy punching

eTimeclock | No more manual extraction!

No more manual extraction!

With eTimeclock, there is also no need for manual data extraction, as all of the data is stored in the cloud, and can be captured in real time.

Unlike fingerprint or punch card systems, all of the working hours and OT calculations are done automatically by eTimeclock.

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Time attendance you will love

eTimeclock feature |Manage staff in multiple location Manage staff in multiple location

If you have multiple branches to manage, eTimeclock gives you peace of mind to keep track of your employees in difference locations even if you can't be present.

eTimeclock feature | No hardware setup or maintenance No hardware setup or maintenance

eTimeclock uses off the shelf hardware, such as iPads and tablets. This time attendance method means that you don’t require any complex setup or wiring to install.

eTimeclock feature | Email alerts on absenteesEmail alerts on absentees

eTimeclock automatically sends you a list of absentees/late comers for each day, so you can always keep up with your dynamic workforce.

eTimeclock feature| Hassle free shift and roster managemen Hassle free shift and roster management

You are able to create unlimited rosters and shifts to manage your part time/shift workers’ work hours each month.

Intelligent time attendance management

eTimeclock feature| Complex business rules Complex business rules

With eTimeclock, you can program different rules on calculating working hours, overtime hours and lateness to suit your business policy.

eTimeclock feature| Powerful reporting Powerful reporting

eTimeclock helps you generate summarized reports on working hours, overtime and lateness of your employees, based on customizable business rules.

eTimeclock feature | Integrated with ePayroll Integrated with ePayroll

With an integrated time attendance system and payroll software, eTimeclock calculates OT hours worked by each employee which automatically flow into payroll so you can easily pay your staff.

eTimeclock feature | Integrated with eLeave Integrated with eLeave

An integrated leave management and time attendance system, you can easily manage rostering of your employees and managing their shifts, without any manual tracking.

The iSprint grant by IDA provides a 70% discount for the purchase of HR software. eTimeclock is a pre-approved online time attendance software by IDA for the iSprint grant. This means you can claim 70% of your total online time attendance software costs. Click here to find out more.

You can also claim PIC grants (68%) and iCV grants (cap at $5000) for eTimeclock.

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